Gretsch Catalina Maple 7-piece


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  • Gretsch formula 7-ply maple shells
  • Catalina Maple Round Badge
  • Shell interiors: hand tinted
  • Shell exteriors: satin
  • Bearing edge: 30-degree
  • Tom/snare hoops: 2.3mm triple flanged
  • Bass drum hoops: maple with matching lacquer or inlay
  • Hardware: Gretsch low-profile GTS tom suspension system
  • Gretsch low-profile tom and FT leg brackets
  • Gretsch double tom holder with cymbal mount and 12.7mm L-Arms
  • Gretsch "T-Wing Nut"
  • Gretsch bass drum mount plate with "G" memory lock
  • Gretsch tom clamp
  • BD claw with rubber isolator
  • Remo drum heads

Classic Gretsch Vibe with Explosive Maple Tone

The Gretsch Catalina Maple seven-piece drum kit sports maple shells for explosive sound and balanced, wide-ranging tone. The fast response and vibrant sound make this an exceptional kit for any style, and a great setup for recording studios. You get three rack toms and two floor toms, a 6″ x 14″ snare, and an 18″ x 22″ kick drum. Catalina Maple rocks seven-ply shells with 30-degree bearing edges, which give you that lively round tone Gretsch drums are known for. No matter what you play, you’ll groove on the Gretsch Catalina Maple seven-piece drum kit.

Gretsch Catalina Maple 7-piece Drum Kit at a Glance:

  • You’ll love the vibrant sound of maple
  • 30-degree bearing edges for punchy impact
  • Be part of Gretsch’s legacy in American music

You’ll love the vibrant sound of maple

Here’s a handy Sweetwater refresher course on tonewoods: Whether you’re talking drum shells or electric guitars, maple is an amazingly musical tonewood. It’s got a fast, explosive response that’s also very dynamic, allowing the subtle details of your playing to shine through. And maple has a wide-ranging tone that’s suitable for any musical style, and perfect for recording in the studio. All these qualities make Gretsch Catalina Maple drums a superb choice for your next drum kit.

30-degree bearing edges for punchy impact

The Catalina Maple sounds just like you’d expect from a classic Gretsch kit, thanks to 30-degree bearing edges (where the hoop meets the shell). At 30-degrees, the surface area between the hoop and shell is maximized, which optimizes the transfer of vibration. That gives Gretsch drums a fast response, warm tone, and punchy impact, and you’ll hear it in every drum in the Catalina Maple drum kit.

Be part of Gretsch’s legacy in American music

The Catalina Maple 7-piece Drum Kit is a proud part of Gretsch’s legacy in American music. Everyone knows Gretsch electric guitars and drums, but did you know that got their start in 1883 as a banjo company? It wasn’t long before Gretsch was making mandolins, ukuleles, and eventually flat-top guitars, contributing to the very roots of American music. So when you play a Gretsch instrument, you’re playing more than a great axe, you’re playing a piece of American music history.


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